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From “Dutch Bros Keynote- DailyVee 316” at  11:10
From “20 hours of hustle in Singapore - DailyVee 322” at the beginning
From “A LOGICAL DAY | DailyVee 193”
From “20 hours of hustle in Singapore - DailyVee 322” at 21:50
About 7 months ago, I was watching a streamer from China play my game on Twitch, and out of nowhere I heard Gary's voice saying "THE SHOOOOOW" in the stream, and I'm not sure if the streamer knew where this sound sample actually came from (I have no idea how it got to her) or if she was playing it on purpose. But I realized then that this is how you hack culture. Gary is a genius!
Alexa’s been big on @garyvee’s mind! But what happens when their service overdelivers...
and their toothbrush brand of choice is not what you were expecting? 😂
I know @Garyvee's favorite number is 5, so I wanted to make the fifth episode of MiniVee special.
And there's nothing more important than family... and hustle!
Congratulations GaryVee and KSwiss for selling out the 001’s and 002’s so quickly.
Heres’ MiniVee’s silly homage to this milestone! Hope you’ll like it!
From #AskGaryVee 257 with Jon Taffer and the podcast episode "Top 4 Call In Questions From #AskGaryVee"
Just a GaryVee classic -- you can check this talk for example
Gary has changed my life,  and in return I want to provide him value by using my talents to turn MiniVee into a pop culture icon. Hopefully he’ll agree and support the hustle too. Thank you all for the support!
inspired by #AskGaryVee 244 and GaryVee podcast episode "Top 4 Call In Questions From #AskGaryVee"